Episode 1 — Carbon Pricing with Brett Higman

Welcome to the first episode of Alaskans Know Climate Change’s podcast.

In our inaugural episode, we sat down with PhD geologist and wilderness adventurer, Bretwood Higman – known to most as Hig.

Hig is a Seldovia, Alaska, resident, co-founder of Ground Truth Trekking, and someone who has studied climate impacts within Alaska. He has put a lot of thought into how our society can work to solve the global climate crisis. In this episode, Hig lays out the elegant and cornerstone solution to combat a runaway greenhouse effect – carbon pricing.

For the last 100 years we have been using Earth’s atmosphere as a dump - radically altering its chemical composition - and it has been free of charge to do so. When polluting is free, we end up with too much pollution. It is time to put a price on carbon.

Music in this episode was composed by Seward, Alaska, musician, Mark Teckenbrock and the Seward jazz band, Elite 9.

If you’ve ever wondered how we can effectively fight climate change, please take a listen.  

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